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What will I learn at WestStar?

From the first lesson you will learn basic, practical self defence moves that can be used immediately.

You will learn how to:
  • Fight effectively using punching and kicking
  • Control your attacker immediately by avoiding their strikes
  • Deliver powerful kicks and punches of your own
  • Throw your opponent to the ground
  • Easily control your attacker using a series of holds, locks and chokes
  • Meditation and relaxation
Each class involves
  • Full set of stretching exercises
  • All round body conditioning
  • Cardiovascular fitness

Safety is stressed from the start; all classes are run by experienced, fully qualified instructors 

Am I fit enough for martial arts?

If you can get out of bed, you can train! There’s no pressure to have to keep up with everyone else. Each student trains at their own pace, and improves gradually over time. We want you to be here for long haul.

Am I too old for martial arts?

If you’re generally fit and healthy we start students at any age. We’ve had a number of students starting in their late 40s to mid 50s.

How often should I train?

It really depends on your schedule. For children we recommend once per week, for adults you can choose from 5 classes each week.

How long are the classes?

Adult classes are 1 hour. Children’s classes range from 30 minutes for Bright Stars, to 45 minutes for Super Stars.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on how often you can train and your level of commitment, but the average is around $20 per class for both our kids and adult programs, a little less if you want to train more than once per week.

Can I join any time or should I book in?

We encourage you to call, discuss your needs then book in for a free intro class. Classes are ongoing and new enrolments are always accepted. Classes are designed to cater for beginners and experienced Martial Artists.

Do yo have Gradings at WestStar?

Yes, students begin at white belt and are graded all the way to Black. It takes about 3 months between belts and about 3 years of regular training to Black.

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