Black Belt Attitude: Believe in Yourself

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.” — J. P. Morgan

Each week we discuss a Black Belt Attitude topic with the kids in our Warrior Talk. The focus of this week is Believing in Yourself. Please pass this on to as many people as you can. Like dropping a pebble in a pond, the ripples can have a significant effect on someone else’s life
This week’s Warrior Talk is on believing in yourself, which starts from deep within. Everyone has a uniqueness that is special, so focus on your unique qualities and those things that separate you from the pack. Don’t blindly follow the latest trends or groups. Believe in your own worth and stay true to yourself. You are totally unique in this world, believe that there is no one like YOU.


The Grading Register is now open for our final Grading of the year on Sunday, December 6. You must register yourself or your child for Grading online by clicking here or by filling in the Grading Sheet in class.

Bright Stars: 9.00-9.30 a.m
Super Stars: 9.40-10.10 a.m
Adults: 11.30 a.m start

A reminder that all everyone must have completed (or will complete before Grading) the minimum number of classes to register, while children will also need to receive their green tape before they are eligible to grade. The green tape is awarded based on their technique, behaviour, and attitude in class.

Even if you are not sure whether you or your child has enough classes to grade, register for the grading and we can reassess closer to the day.



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