Black Belt Attitude: Commitment

Each week we discuss a Black Belt Attitude topic with the kids in our Warrior Talk, with our first Kid’s Grading for the year coming soon, this week the topic is on Commitment.

You don’t need a Black Belt to have a Black Belt Attitude. The colour of your belt doesn’t determine the colour of your attitude, even the newest White Belt can display a Black Belt Attitude inside and outside of the dojo.

I know there are times when you feel like quitting and you are too tired to train, or you may have to choose between a party and going for grading. It is then that you rise to the challenge and recommit to achieving your next goal in Martial Arts. For the kids, this is where the parents also show their commitment by gently or sometimes not so gently encouraging the child to keep on going, reminding them that it is a long term path without quick fixes.

And this is so true in life. Real long term success comes by chipping away at your goals, long term. The grading system at WestStar encourages successful bite sized wins that give feedback and encouragement along the path towards eventual success. Each challenge slightly more difficult than the last one, slowly building confidence that yes, YOU can do more … this is an important lesson.

Hard work, dedication, consistent effort, and commitment to your goals will always get you closer to realising them. See the set backs, struggles, and even failures you’ll meet along the way as opportunities not road blocks, and the end result will taste even sweeter.

The Grading Register is still open for our first mid-Term kid’s Grading at the Subiaco PCYC on Sunday March 3. You must register your child for Grading online by clicking the button below, by filling out the Grading Register online, or in class before Friday February 22.

When: Sunday March 3
Bright Stars (5-8 yrs): from 9.00 a.m (TBC)
Super Stars (9-14 yrs): TBC a.m

N.B All times will be confirmed the Monday prior to Grading.

The cost is 50.00 payable on the day.

A reminder that everyone must have completed (or will complete before Grading) the minimum number of classes to register, and children will also need to receive their green tape before they are eligible to grade. The green tape is awarded based on their technique, behaviour, and attitude in class.

A reminder of the minimum number of classes needed to grade:
White to Yellow Belt – 10 classes (2 black stripes)
Yellow to Green Belt – 15 classes (3 black stripes)
Green Belt and above – 20 classes (4 black stripes)

For those that don’t quite have enough classes for this Grading, the next kid’s Grading is currently scheduled for Sunday April 7.


We’ll be holding our next Super Stars Sparring Workshop on Saturday February 23.

This session will focus on grappling and wrestling, there will be no striking. Those students wishing to participate will require a mouth guard, and groin protectors for the boys. These are compulsory.

When: Saturday, February 23
Time: 1.00-2.00 p.m
Where: Subiaco PCYC
There is no cost for this session, and it is worth 2 training credits.

The PCYC has asked us to remind you that the gymnastics equipment is NOT to be used by any children or parents at any time. A cornerstone of martial arts is respect. This includes respect for ourselves, others, and other’s space. Therefore, please respect the other tenants at our locations and not use or play on their equipment, and clean up your rubbish after yourself. Thanks in advance.

NOW YOU CAN TRAIN AT HOME. See the preview
Great news – there is now a full Northstar Ju Jitsu interactive workout available on the Northstar online Academy. Not only is this course a great resource for adult NSJJ members, this is also a great opportunity for parents to see how the basic techniques are done correctly and then enjoy a workout at home with your children. Great for adults and children, you can now train and improve the basics wherever you are.


Andy Sensei (the founder of Northstar Ju Jitsu) has now released the first ever online instructional courses for the entire syllabus in Northstar Ju Jitsu. It is a fantastic opportunity to go that extra mile in providing adults detailed explanations with photo displays and video presentations as well as information on grading, sparring, and self defence. There is also a great module on the history of Northstar Ju Jitsu. It is designed to be used in conjunction with your class attendance.

The courses are available at: