Black Belt Attitude: July News

Monday morning, nice and cold … another seemingly long working week ahead. If it does look like you’ve got a long week ahead of you, as I say during class just keep chipping away at it. You’ll eventually end up where you are meant to be, don’t be in such a huge rush for it to be over. If things seem rushed, just stop for a second, shift your gaze, and take 3 long breaths. If things are slow or you get bogged down, enjoy the wait.


  • For this week try being unconditionally courteous.
  • Respect that everyone has a space that they think is important.
  • Learn to respond to every situation free from the ego (now that’s a challenge).
  • Always be polite to everyone; we never hear enough please and thank you.
  • Say excuse me when you enter and move through someone else’s space.
  • Respond with a smile … say “that’s okay”.

With school holidays now in full swing, just a reminder of the date for the resumption of our kid’s classes at Subiaco:

First Class Term 3: Tuesday July 17

As always, adult classes continue to run as normal throughout the school holidays.

Need a pep talk? Let Kid President give you a little encouragement and spread some awesomeness!

Some great words of wisdom from Andy Sensei, the founder of Northstar Ju Jitsu:
“Remember learning self defence is more than learning to kick and punch. There has to be a mental preparation as well. This is why the ready stance is so important. It represents stillness and alertness. Coming to ready stance is coming home to the moment. This is the only place from where you can effectively respond.”

NOW YOU CAN TRAIN AT HOME. See the preview
Great news – there is now a full Northstar Ju Jitsu interactive workout available on the Northstar online Academy. Not only is this course a great resource for adult NSJJ members, this is also a great opportunity for parents to see how the basic techniques are done correctly and then enjoy a workout at home with your children. Great for adults and children, you can now train and improve the basics wherever you are.


Andy Sensei (the founder of Northstar Ju Jitsu) has now released the first ever online instructional courses for the entire syllabus in Northstar Ju Jitsu. It is a fantastic opportunity to go that extra mile in providing adults detailed explanations with photo displays and video presentations as well as information on grading, sparring, and self defence. There is also a great module on the history of Northstar Ju Jitsu. It is designed to be used in conjunction with your class attendance.

The courses are available at:

Remember you can stay up to date with all the latest dates and events at WestStar on the new Events section of our website. We’ll be constantly updating the events page with all the latest happenings and important dates.


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