Black Belt Attitude: Respect

“Treat everyone you meet as though they are the most important person you’ll meet today.” Roger Dawson

Each week we discuss a Black Belt Attitude topic with the kids in our Warrior Talk. This week the topic is about Respect. Don’t keep it all to yourself, pass it on. We see incredible changes in people that are touched by small acts of unconditional kindness and service …


Respect is an absolute non-negotiable in martial arts, as it should be in our daily lives. It is inherent to our own nature to put our own comfort zone first, and we often need to be reminded that we are not actually the centre of the universe. Spread the kindness from inside out – being kind to others is often the first step to being kind to yourself.

So, your basic actions for this week:

  • Try being unconditionally courteous
  • Respect that everyone has a space that they think is important
  • Learn to respond to every situation free from the ego (now that’s a challenge!)
  • Always be polite to everyone; we never hear enough please and thank you
  • Say excuse me when you enter and move through someone else’s space
  • Respond with a smile … say “that’s okay”


Our first Grading of the year takes place on Sunday March 22 at the Subiaco PCYC. Please register yourself or your child for Grading online by clicking here, by filling out the Grading Register in class, or by emailing me personally.

The register closes this Saturday March 14, so please make sure you register yourself or your child before then.

Bright Stars (5-8 yrs): 9.00-9.30 a.m
Super Stars (9-14 yrs): 9.40-10.10 a.m
Adults: 11.00 a.m start
The cost is 40.00 payable on the day.

Parents, you can now download a copy of the Grading Sheet and notes we use to grade your child, available here. This is directly from our Trainer’s Manual and is a great tool you can use to discuss and help your kids understand what we look for when we grade them.


This Saturday March 14 there will be a pre-grading Intensive workshop for White to Blue Belts. For an hour we will go through your self defence and multiple defence syllabus to prepare you for grading.

This will be a great opportunity to work and improve your technique. Even if you are not grading this time around it will be a great session to attend.

When: Saturday March 14, 3:00 p.m
Cost: 15.00
Where: Subiaco PCYC
Worth 2 training credits (2 signatures on your sheets/cards).

Email me now to book your place


This month I’ve been invited to host 2 free self defence workshops for the City of Subiaco. The first is a Women’s Self Defence Workshop on Wednesday March 11, 5.00-7.15 pm at the Palms Community Centre (the building just next to the PCYC). The 2nd is a Youth Workshop for 15-25 yr olds on Saturday March 28, 2:00-4:00 pm at the PCYC.

If you would like to attend (or help out) either of these workshops please email me directly. For current students these workshops will be worth 2 class credits.