Black Belt Attitude: Choose Your Attitude

Each week we discuss a Black Belt Attitude topic with the kids in our Warrior Talk, this week the topic will be Choosing Your Attitude. Please pass this on to as many people as you can. Like dropping a pebble in a pond, the ripples can have a significant effect on someone else’s life.

New day, new week, new beginnings, new choices. Every morning you wake up with a choice, not just of what to have for breakfast or how strong you’d like your coffee, but with the ability to choose your attitude! You can choose how to face the coming day no matter the challenges or ups and downs you’re facing. Even if you don’t have a choice about going to school or work, you can absolutely choose how you go about doing that work. So choose positivity, choose excellence, choose to smile, choose to laugh, choose to be inclusive, choose to lead be example, choose a way to make someone else’s day, choose to be fully engaged in the moment.

Promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate.

So, your task for today, make someone else’s day just a little bit easier by doing something nice for them, with no thought of what’s in it for you, no quid pro quo. Do it for no other reason than it’s a good thing to do. Help yourself by helping others.

A reminder that our kid’s classes continue throughout the school holidays. As we continue to rebuild from the COVID shutdown period these classes will run at the usual times on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the upcoming holidays from Sept 28 – Oct 9.

Children can attend classes for their age group as often as they wish during the school holidays.

A reminder to both adults and kids that all classes start and finish on time. Adults – for your own safety, if you arrive at class after the initial stretch you will not be able to train. Kids – if you arrive at class after the initial stretch there will be no tape at the end of class. Unless there are extreme circumstances or prior notice there will be no exceptions. I know sometimes things can just get in the way, particularly for parents, but part of being a martial artist is having that black belt attitude and keeping your commitments, so try to make it to class on time.

Andy Sensei (the founder of Northstar Ju Jitsu) has now released the first ever online instructional courses for the entire syllabus in Northstar Ju Jitsu. It is a fantastic opportunity to go that extra mile in providing adults detailed explanations with photo displays and video presentations as well as information on grading, sparring, and self defence. There is also a great module on the history of Northstar Ju Jitsu. It is designed to be used in conjunction with your class attendance.

The courses are available at:

NOW YOU CAN TRAIN AT HOME. See the preview
Great news – there is now a full Northstar Ju Jitsu interactive workout available on the Northstar online Academy. Not only is this course a great resource for adult NSJJ members, this is also a great opportunity for parents to see how the basic techniques are done correctly and then enjoy a workout at home with your children. Great for adults and children, you can now train and improve the basics wherever you are.