December News

WestStar Martial Arts in Perth December News

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Sun Tzu

December Grading

Congratulations to everybody who graded and received their new belts on the weekend. It was great to see the smiles on everyone’s faces after all of the hard work. Gradings are all about setting and working towards a goal. Continual improvement along the way helps us get closer and closer until we finally achieve our goal. Where to from here? Well, there’s always another goal, and more improvement to make.

Martial Arts is a process of continual improvement, no matter what colour your belt is. Striving for excellence in everything you do, inside and outside of the dojo, should be everybody’s goal. As my Sensei said to me many years ago (and it’s stuck with me ever since) “Always present excellence”. Walk with your head held high and be the excellence you’d like to see in others. Resist the urge to comment and criticise and lead by example.

Xmas/New Year Term Dates

A reminder of our closing and re-opening dates for the Xmas/New Year holidays – this is our last week of classes for the year. Kid’s classes will resume the first week of school term next year, while adults classes will resume mid January. That doesn’t mean you can’t still practice at home or while you’re away on holidays!

Last Kid’s class 2012: Thur Dec 13
First Kid’s class 2013: Sat Feb 2

Last Adult class 2012: Sat Dec 15
First Adult class 2013: Sat Jan 12


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