March News – WestStar Martial Arts Perth

WestStar Martial Arts Perth

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Max Planck, Nobel Prize Physicist

Each week we discuss a Black Belt Attitude topic with the kids in our Warrior Talk. This week will be on Creating a Positive Attitude.

Every morning we wake up with a choice, not just of what to have for breakfast or how strong we’d like our coffee! We can choose how we face the coming day no matter the challenges or ups and downs we all have. Even if we don’t have a choice about going to school or work, we can absolutely choose how we go about doing that work. Choose to be positive, choose to be inclusive, choose to lead be example, choose a way to make someone else’s day, choose to be fully engaged in the moment.

So, your task for today – make someone else’s life just a little bit easier by doing something nice for them, with no thought of what’s in it for you, no quid pro quo. Do it for no other reason than it’s a good thing to do.


Our first Grading of the year will take place on Sunday April 6 at the Subiaco PCYC. You can register yourself or your child for Grading online, by filling out the Grading Register in class.

Mighty Mites (5-8 yrs): 9.00-9.30 a.m
Juniors (9-14 yrs): 9.40-10.10 a.m
Adults: 11.00-1.00 p.m
The cost is 40.00 payable on the day.

Parents (and adults too!) – celebrate the grading achievement with your child, make a big thing of each achievement not matter how small. Work with them when they fall or don’t quite make the mark, let them know that that is okay too, they are finding their feet. Win, lose, pass, fail, it is better to be a part of it than to have never had a go.


Adult students on Saturday March 29 we will have a special Grading Intensive workshop for White to Blue Belts. For an hour we will go through your self defence and multiple defence syllabus to prepare you for Grading.

This will be a great opportunity to work and improve your Shinbudo technique. Even if you are not grading this time around it will be a great session to attend.

When: Saturday March 29, 3:00 p.m
Cost: 15.00
Where: Subiaco PCYC
Worth 2 training credits (2 signatures on your sheets/cards).


Starting next Thursday March 27 a regular sparring class will begin from 8.00 p.m. The class will run for half an hour and is a great addition to our timetable. If you would like to participate you will need sparring gear. For guys this includes boxing gloves (minimum 12oz), groin protector and shin (instep) guards, for ladies boxing gloves and shin guards. You can purchase these from me or you can look for your own. You will also need to buy a mouthguard (available from Chemists and most sports stores).