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Beyond the punches and the kicks lies the greatest lesson in Northstar Ju Jitsu – learning about yourself. I began my Northstar Ju Jitsu journey a few years ago expecting […]


I trained with Stephen for over 3 years in Sydney, Stephen is incredibly committed and focused as a Northstar Ju Jitsu teacher. I learned a great deal from him and […]


Stephen is one of the best instructors I have had for a any sport; a thoughtful, caring, fair and encouraging instructor. The benefits and co-benefits of this class have exceeded […]


Thank you for conducting Saturday’s Grading, Hamish is really proud of himself with his yellow belt, as are Angela & myself. We have both been really impressed with the WestStar […]


Great trainer teaching an excellent martial arts system. Highly recommend


I was lucky to train in Stephen’s classes while he was teaching Northstar Ju Jitsu in Sydney. Northstar Ju Jitsu is a great martial art – practical and highly effective. […]